Welcome to my website :).

I am 24 years old, living in Coogee, Sydney NSW with 5 lovely housemates in a big, beautiful house by the sea :). Life is good.

I am an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who since graduating University back in 2012, has become increasingly interested in nutrition and the multidimensional nature of health.

The human body, the human mind and also the human species fascinate me to no end.

Through this website I hope to reach at least some of the world with positivity, healthy ideas, healthy thoughts and whatever else may come to mind.

As a part of that, you will most liklely find:

– Food and recipes
– Restaurant and café reviews
– Random ramblings written by me
– Exercise ideas and guidelines
– etceteraaaaa. :)

The twists and turns that that a life can take consequently of an action that may seem so very small are amazing. Life can become confusing, no matter who you are or what stage you are at. I am far from perfect and far from exempt from that rule.

As we are all here doing this together, please feel free to contact me about anything under the sun and I will get back to you! <3

Be happy ladies and gents!

New Recipe

Banana Berry Protein Smoothie Bowl – an alternative to Banana Ice Cream for the ‘Nice Cream’ addict.
berry smoothie bowl

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  1. Thanks, Melissa! I just approved your blog claim. Now your Urbanspoon profile picture is displayed on your blog page. You can upload a blog-specific photo if you prefer, and can change a few other blog settings there. Also, if you vote for a restaurant that you’ve reviewed on your blog, we now show your vote next to your post everywhere on our site.



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