| Exercise Physiologist | Yoga Teacher | Passionate Cook | Chronic Thinker |

Passionate about; 
| the beautiful, intriguing, diverse, scary and ever-changing world that we live in;
| doing my best to leave a positive mark on any person that I meet;
| using every experience to grow as a person; socially and individually;
| treating my body right in order to fully appreciate the healthy body that I was born with;
| LEARNING to fill my brain with as many weird and wonderful things as possible… (yes, weird);
| colourful, healthy food that fools people into eating healthy without feeling deprived.

Realising that;
| life is short but life is also long.
| Currently, the average life expectancy in Australia is 82.25 years. Thats A LOT of years.
| A lot of years to do your best; to leave your legacy – whatever that may be.
| Many people consider a legacy to be some kind of high-profile or material achievement.
| You know, a political legacy, a professional legacy or a even a financial legacy..
| But just remember – People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.
| Come and go from this earth with minimal negative impact and mostly a positive impact. 
| Inspire, encourage and make the days of those around you RICH. Karma will do it’s work. 

| Follow your gut, and don’t question it if it feels right. 
| Life is here to be explored and experienced. 
| That’s what I’ll be doing anyway…

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