Today I’m resigning from my job.

My professional, big person job that I landed after uni 5 a half years ago, relevant to my degree, with opportunities for growth, where I’m well respected and have a great team and a wonderful manager.

I like it.

Of course there are minor complaints, such as the amount of sitting I do, the fact that any corporate job can feel a little bit suffocating and the fact that being busy, I struggle to find time to dedicate to other passions. These are pretty standard complaints amongst workers I would imagine.

Day to day, I do occasionally struggle to stay motivated but thats largely due to the rest of my team being in other states and being responsible for my own workload. Definitely not something I would ask to change and not highly unusual.

I guess you could say I’m quite happy.

But today, I’ll hand my boss a letter of resignation and ill probably do that with tears in my eyes (and maybe also down my face) which is probably not your typical scene.

This might all sound dramatic but no, nothing has gone wrong. Nothing out of my control is forcing me to leave.

Actually, I am forcing me to leave because I AM in control.

The letter is probably more heartfelt than a resignation letter should be. While traipsing through resignation letter templates online, I noticed that there was a common theme of leaving on negative terms with the advice suggesting that they should try and find something positive to write about their employment or their bosses. You know, because you don’t want to burn your networking bridges.

I guess many people hang out in their jobs until they are unhappy and bitter?

I’m sure this is something we have all seen before. Those people in the office who are quite simply… miserable! Yet they come to work, day after day. They complain about work and about every other aspect of their life. They have their negativity spectacles on and manage to put a negative spin on every situation. If it’s exhausting for those of us listening to them, imagine how exhausting it must be for them! They quite possibly don’t even realise. Maybe because their role models went through life in a similar pattern and they don’t see any other option or because they are in a cycle of discontent where they don’t see a way out.

No one LIKES being unhappy. That’s why they are.. unhappy!
It’s a vicious cycle. Unhappiness breeds unhappiness. Unfortunately unhappiness also breeds, low self esteem and low self confidence which tends to lead to unhealthy self-destructive behaviours, which breeds unhappiness etc etc etc etc etc.

So I’m leaving my job. There’s a lot of details that I’ll go into another time. Basically I wasn’t looking, but an opportunity presented itself to me. At the time the opportunity popped up, I knew what was happening and I didn’t want to have to face this decision, so I quite literally told the opportunity to “go and screw itself.”

After much deliberation, I find myself here. Not knowing what the future holds, not knowing if ill regret this decision in a few months time, knowing for SURE that it is going to be so hard to leave but having carefully thought through the risks. Im comfortable with the risks, not because i know its the right thing to do.. but I can’t possibly let this opportunity pass me by. Why? Because the alternate risk is falling into the cycle of discontent. 6 months/1 year/5 years time.. fast forward and I didn’t leave my job and I’m sitting in the same chair. 10kg heavier, 5 years older, tired of the routine and bitter! “Why didn’t I do it? Imagine where life could have taken me.”

I can’t take that risk.

The fact is, this job is quite likely someone else dream!
This job has served me for a time. Now it’s someone else turn.

Im not telling you to throw your job away but Im just suggesting that we should all be a little bit more ok with considering whether your state of life is right for you right now. Just because where you’re at in life looks good on paper or you’re following the path you set out for yourself, that doesn’t make it right.

Life is unpredictable and that is scary sometimes! But it’s most scary if we go through life trying to predict it.

Let go a little, acknowledge that today’s path might be different to tomorrow’s.
Acknowledge your experiences up until now, accept that this is where you are, sit back, open your mind and look around.

Seriously, take that big obstructive wall down because that thing you think is out of reach… – Is it really?

no I mean, REALLY!?!?!

We are the instigators of the majority of our own limitations.

Im only 27, and I don’t want this to sound like I think I know everything about life because holy guacamole, I absolutely do not. But I’m certainly giving it my best shot and I’m not going to get to the end of it wishing I lived more or wishing I stepped out of the box.

Mel. x

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