Food Philosophy

My food philosophy has transformed dramatically over the last 5 years and i’m happy to say that my attitude towards food is in a much healthier state right now than it probably ever has been.

It’s a confusing world out there when it comes to what’s healthy for us, isn’t it?

A confusing world of conflicting health research which can become very hard to navigate. All of a sudden when this conflicting research is on a topic that directly affects our well-being, it becomes kind of crucial that we can understand it. Even the most intelligent and proficient researchers could not possibly come up with a sound conclusion to the current available evidence.

This might previously have been a Paleo blog, a Vegetarian blog, an IIFYM, Vegan or even nearly a high carb raw vegan (801010) blog. You name it..

Iv called myself all of the above at one time or another over the past 5 years and at each time, I was able to justify why. There is enough research to justify each of the above “diets” – diet being the term to describe the array of food a person eats, regardless of what it is. Yes, a diet consisting of nothing other than fast-food is the “diet” of some people.

I didn’t switch between these diets because I wanted to be trendy or for any other reason than – I truly wanted to be the healthiest version of myself that I could possibly be and I was, quite frankly, confused. I would be feeding myself one way and telling myself I felt great. I would tell others that I eat this way for a), b) and c) reasons but “mainly because I feel so much better!”. Truthfully, I have always felt physically great – Iv always eaten well. The only part of me that took a beating was my mind – my psychological health.

I found myself so confused that I remember a number of times, I was on the phone to my Mum and my words would be “i actually don’t know what to eat. I don’t know what i’m supposed to eat.” I had gotten to the point where I had a scientific reason why almost everything was bad for me and what I desperately wanted was to be healthy.

I’m not here to say that any of the above diets is bad for you or that the research is false (of course it’s not!).

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